A New Life Journey

Whenseanspeaks Inc

Sean’s New Life Journey

Sean’s journey into his new life started at the crash site in Wichita Falls, Texas, during the wee hours of Sunday, March 27, 2005. At the time of his motor vehicle crash, Sean was a student at Midwestern State University majoring in Business Administration. He was the passenger in a truck, driven by a college friend who was drunk. As the truck spun and slammed into a tree, Sean’s journey began.

Sean suffered multiple fractures, internal injuries, but worst of all a traumatic brain injury. Sean is now well down the path of his new life. Although he has forgotten how to walk and talk, Sean continues to make progress.

He suffers no obvious cognitive deficits. Sean has immediate rapport with everyone he meets. People are drawn to Sean’s radiant smile, his quick wit, and his power to communicate. Sean has been a member of the Texas Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council (TBIAC). He has been on the Mentorship/Advisory Committee for the Texas EMS Trauma and Acute Care Foundation (TETAF) and represented the Survivors of Trauma.

God’s hand seems to be pushing Sean and Jenny forward with opportunities to meet people who may be willing to help them expand their journey. It is all good. Sean’s message is being heard and kids are telling them that they are making a difference!

Sean and Jenny now have presentations booked into 2021. WhenSeanSpeaks Inc, has been funded by a Texas Department of Transportation Grant awarded to Texas A&M University AgriLife’s Watch UR BAC program, since 2013. There are no associated expenses if your audience is selected for one of their presentations.