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Sponsor a Speech

If you would like to help take this message of hope, healing, and prevention to others, you can do so by becoming one of our sponsors. You can sponsor Sean and his Mom speaking to your group to help prevent anyone else from getting in the car with a drunk driver or getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking. This sponsorship would cover a speech in Texas. Additional travel costs may apply outside of Texas.


Any Donation is Appreciated…

Donations to our Non-Profit, WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc., can be made by many avenues. If you would like to donate any amount, you may do so with this button below. If you would prefer to mail a check in any denomination, please make payable to WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc. and mail to WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc at PO Box 505, Wellborn, TX 77881

Why and How…

Our foundation is dedicated to bringing a sobering message to people of all ages, young or old, that every choice that we make truly counts. Sean has been blessed in spite of his tragedy. He and his Mom, Jenny, speak to people in a way that reaches their heart and makes them think. The message that Sean and his Mom share has changed countless lives already and will continue to do good into the future.We would love for you to consider joining us in taking this message on the road and saving lives!

Sean and Jenny