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WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc.
The organization is dedicated to spreading the word of how important it is to think before you get behind the wheel of a car. It is just as important to be careful of whose car you get into as a passenger. Sean and his Mom, Jenny, have taken their message to tens of thousands of young people to help prevent drunk driving and to make people aware of the consequences of their choices. Please consider having Sean speak at your school, church, or event to help spread the word about making the right choices in life.

There is an urgent need in to enhance resources for a growing number of persons living with the effects of brain injury, stroke, and other neurological problems. For many people, the end of formal therapy services signifies the end of hope, as there is no place for them to continue to work towards functional recovery as well as general fitness. Traditional exercise facilities such as gyms or workout clubs are not equipped to deal with the needs of these individuals. Persons with mobility needs resulting from brain injury and stroke need assistance and modifications to allow them to exercise.

Our vision is to create a place that will have all of the equipment necessary to enhance outcomes for this population, but will also provide qualified assistance and encouragement for exercise. It is our vision that these facilities would be an extension of the Physical Therapy Departments at UT Southwestern Medical Center and UT Medical Branch at Galveston. Partnering with these facilities would ensure the highest levels of care and commitment.

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