WhenSeanSpeaks, Inc.


“To fundamentally improve the lives of people impacted by traumatic brain injuries through public awareness, education and research.”

The organization is dedicated to spreading the word of how important it is to think before you get behind the wheel of a car.  It is just as important to be careful of whose car you get into as a passenger.  Sean and his Mom, Jenny, have taken their message to tens of thousands of young people to help prevent drunk driving and to make people aware of the consequences of their choices. Please consider having Sean speak at your school, church, or event to help spread the word about making the right choices in life.

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The Watch UR BAC Program at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is pleased to be able to partner with WhenSeanSpeaks in order to deliver alcohol awareness education to youth audiences across the State of Texas. Watch UR BAC is a Texas Department of Transportation funded project to reduce alcohol related crashes and fatalities. Emphasis is on reducing impaired driving among youth, especially in rural counties. Our partnership with WhenSeanSpeaks allows us to reach even more audiences with important life-saving messages. When Sean speaks through his iPad, you can hear a pin drop in the audience. All are focused on his words and his sincere warning – “Save yourself – don’t be like me!” Audiences are captivated by his computerized voice and his engaging smile and think about the choices that have led to his disabilities. Sean and Mom, Jenny, are changing the way students think about alcohol. It is not unusual to hear comments such as this one, ” The presentation today was like no presentation I have ever seen. I haven’t seen anything that has made such a big impact on me, and on how I think.”