Impacting Others

Dear Sean,

We are writing you this letter to let you know how much we truly appreciated your visit to our school.  Your story deeply affected us, and we accept your challenge to not drink underage and  to be responsible when we do come of age. We admire you and your mother for using your disability to inspire others.  We can only imagine how hard it must be for you and your family.  We hope and pray that one day you will regain your abilities to walk and talk.  We KNOW that this will soon happen, just keep faith!

Love, Grenada High School Annual Staff

Grenada, MS

September 2010

“Sean and Jenny Carter’s recent drunk driving awareness campaign in the Enchanted Circle area of Northern New Mexico was a smashing success!  The multi-media approach, along with their candor, humor and insight kept our four High School audiences captivated.  You could hear a pin drop during the entire time they were on stage.  In addition to impacting their audiences with the consequences of impaired driving, (which included texting and controlled substance abuse) Sean and Jenny provided education about the brain injured community in a way that will not easily be forgotten.  We are already planning for them to return to our area!”  Kay Brown, Enchanted Circle When Sean Speaks Campaign Coordinator

Dear Sean and Jenny,
On behalf of Young Men’s Service League, I thank you so much for sharing your story with us at Prestonwood Christian Academy. Everyone in my grade hears about drunk driving accidents and tragedies all the time but they have never have to actually face the truth. They have never truly witnessed the possible consequences of risky choices. The incredible story you told changed that completely. Sean acted as a real-life example for everyone of what can happen. Along with this, his bravery greatly inspired me just as it did my classmates in YMSL. I think we have all learned that drinking is never worth the possible consequences. We have also learned from Sean that life is never over as long as you are breathing; you just have to keep persevering. I thank you so much for sharing your message with us and I know we will carry it on with us into college and our later years.


Michael Smith
Young Men’s Service League
North Dallas Chapter

From: Margaret FrakerTo: Jenny Carter

Subject: Thank You and Interesting Follow Up Dear Jenny and Sean —

It was so nice to finally meet you both since we have been corresponding since last June!  Your message, your presentation is even more powerful than I imagined.   My son was moved and contemplative the rest of the evening; just as he should have been.  Thank you for sharing such personal, emotional memories to teach others.

He will be at school today sharing his story.  They will share Sean’s story.  This is the way the message gets out and minds are changed.  God’s timing is amazing.

I intend to follow Sean’s progress on your website.  I’m sure others will too.  You have some new prayer warriors with you; myself included.  I hope 2009 proves to be a good year for you both.
My Best Regards,
Margaret Fraker

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Sean and Jenny Carter to speak with young people about the life journey Sean has traveled through after a near fatal drinking and driving car crash.  His message really hit home with the students at the Student Opportunity Center in Frisco.

Although the story is tragic, Sean shares how he has learned from this accident.  His use of the computer and his sense of humor made the presentation enjoyable but meaningful.  Our students were encouraged not just by his message about teenage drinking, but his outlook on life.  Sean showed the students that even in the face of adversity good can emerge.  It is one of those messages that made our students and staff laugh and cry!


Beth Hemby

Student Opportunity Center, FISD

One day in March, a faculty member brought in an article published in the Metro section of the Dallas Morning News. The article featured a young man named Sean Carter who had suffered traumatic brain injury in an automobile accident which involved the use of alcohol. Sean is now speaking in schools to kids about his experience in an effort to keep them from making decisions resulting in tragic consequences.

We are always looking for a program which will make an impact on our kids and influence them to make positive choices,

so I contacted Sean through the MADD office in Dallas, and he and his Mom Jenny arrived at our campus on April 22nd.

Their presentation is straightforward, honest, and mesmerizing. They recount Sean’s story and simply tell the kids to think about him before they make life altering choices. I have never seen our students react so positively and connect so seriously with a speaker before this event. In short, Sean and Jenny Carter blew them away. The students wanted to stay after the presentation and talk with Sean and Jenny, and even approached them on campus to thank them for sharing with us. The positive feedback from the students and faculty was overwhelming and we feel that the experience was invaluable for our kids.

I would highly recommend this presentation to any school wishing to make a true impact on the lives of its students.

Ann Hoover, Counselor at Texas High School in Texarkana